Supporting the "Miyamoto Quality" through High-Level Collaboration and Cooperation

We propose the best solution to each customer's need from the customer's standpoint. We respond flexibly and agilely to needs, develop machines with advanced performance and high efficiency at low cost, and deliver them quickly.
This requires our management function, sales function and engineering function to collaborate and cooperate at the same level. All our staff members boast professional and technical knowledge pertaining to development and manufacture. Thus, they can collaborate and cooperate beyond departmental boundaries.


Technical sales

■Our sales representatives are well-versed in engineering and design.
 That is one of the strengths of Miyamoto.

Our sales representatives are not only skilled in making proposals and carrying out effective discussions, but also capable of sketching out proposed machines. As a result, they can accurately describe the machines that meet customers' needs during discussions. Our sales representatives propose the most suitable equipment in an easy-to-understand manner by utilizing CAD technology and through straightforward personal communication.

▲To give shape to customers' needs, our sales representatives hold discussions repeatedly with pertinent sections. By sharing and combining information, they make appropriate improvements through each discussion.

Equipment design

▲Design work

■Achieving both operational
 ease and functional beauty to
 explore a next generation of
 manufacturing activities.

We maximize two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD to create equipment designs that allow easy use and provide advanced functions. At the same time, we ensure that our machines feature attractive appearances and functional beauty. By incorporating a wide range of know-how for "new manufacturing activities," we take equipment design to new heights.


Electric design

▲Control panel assembly

■Focusing on operational ease
 and safety from the
 standpoint of users.

Our experienced engineers maximize their technical skills and insights in creating systems and control programs essential for machine operations. They place high priority on easy use and safety.



▲Cartesian coordinate robot teaching ▲Painting

■Precise final adjustment performed
 by staff members with experiences
 in various manufacturing activities.

The final stage of equipment production, including painting, assembly, adjustment, operation check and installation, is managed through the collaboration of all departments. The final product confirmation ensures compliance with stringent standards and allows no compromise in order to imbue the "Miyamoto Quality" in every product we supply. If you need to process workpieces with unorthodox shapes, you can count on Miyamoto. We can do what other companies can't.


Comprehensive capabilities backed by superb machining techniques and extensive facilities

Our manufacturing facilities are fully equipped to perform all types of work, ranging from machining to plate working and sheet-metal processing. One of the reasons that customers select our company over other equipment suppliers is the extensive facilities and skilled personnel that have made possible of our integrated production system. We boast the capability to perform complex and precise machining, capability to respond flexibly and quickly, and also advanced technological capability. Because all these activities are conducted in-house, we can deliver products promptly and reduce costs for customers.


  ▲Lathing ▲Drilling ▲Seal plate manufacturing ▲Coordinate Measurement


From general machining to high-precision machining, we can respond to various needs. We can also manufacture in-house seal plates that are necessary for leak tests. This reduces delivery periods and costs.


Plate working

We manufacture in-house plate working parts that are used in specialized machines we develop. We give close attention to the strength, shape and finish of each part, and make no compromise.


Sheet-metal processing

Just like for plate working, we perform all sheet-metal processing in-house for the production of control panels, operation panels and safety covers that are used in our products. We own sheet metal welding equipment and possess specialized know-how.



We manage all activities to maintain smooth collaboration and linkage among sales representatives, manufacturing staff and customers. We have established an effective management system to respond promptly and flexibly to diverse needs of customers.

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