Specialized Machines Offering Performance and Reliability Backed by "Miyamoto Quality"


Our products are widely used in the manufacture of precision parts such as those used in the automobile and motorcycle industry. We combine the advanced technologies accumulated over many years with flexible creativity and unique ideas to develop innovative mechanisms that challenge conventional concepts. All our products provide high reliability backed by the "Miyamoto Quality" to accurately meet the needs of customers.

■Cylinder head leak testing machine

This machine performs leak tests for various cylinder head sections at separate stations. We can manufacture sealing rubber for sealed sections based on empirical values accumulated over many years.

■Shaft machining tool

This machine tool combines a broach and gun drill.

■Stator shaft deburring machine

This machine uses a small-diameter drill and magnet to remove burrs from the inside and outside of holes made in stator shaft. The robot can be mounted with a tool to remove burrs from difficult-to-reach locations.

■Stabilizer link assembling/swaging/testing machine

This fully automated machine puts together four stabilizer link parts while filling joints with grease, swaging and performing other tasks. It then conducts vibration check and rotation torque check in the final stage. It can be set up to process parts for different models.

■Gear roughage depalletizing machine This machine takes gear roughage piled on a pallet one by one. It uses a camera to detect the position of material, and then adjusts the pick-up position accordingly.
■Cylinder head valve seat guide hole measuring machine

The jig tilting operation and gauge head operation are numerically controlled, thus allowing easy setup for processing workpieces with different hole diameters, pitches, angles, etc.

■Washing & deburring machine

This equipment washes off burrs from crankshafts that are precisely machined to specifications in the preceding process, then washes the entire crankshafts and dry them. The NC system enables continuous processing of crankshafts for different models.

■Cylinder head valve seat guide press-fitting machine

This machine press-fits the valve guide and valve seat from the top and bottom of cylinder head simultaneously at normal temperature. Since all axes of motion are numerically controlled, the machine can be set up to process workpieces with different pitches, angles, etc.

■Cylinder head housing assembly machine

This machine automatically supplies housing caps and bolts to a cylinder head and tighten them. Since it performs those processes sequentially in multiple stages inside the unit, it can complete parts attachment and tightening process in a short period of time.


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